Posted time August 26, 2022 Location Remote

Location: Remote

Compensation: None as of yet. This is a volunteer position. However, we will permit our managers to place ads in the magazine and online promoting their work.

The Position

This position involves generating questions for our features section and accepting writers’ pitches in their respective categories. It involves acting as a liaison between our Editor in Chief, the writers, and the editing staff.


Duties include working with the Editor in Chief regarding the editorial calendar and coming up with appropriate topics for features for that month. This person will ensure that topics are assigned, that we have content in all feature areas each month, and that deadlines are met on a consistent basis. You will need to have a good grasp of formatting, grammar, and style.

Ideal Candidate

Our ideal candidate is someone who is efficient, organized, and able to meet deadlines on a consistent basis. You will need to communicate with writers when deadlines are approaching, and follow up with those who have not submitted their work. Our goal is to have all features in on time as when they are not, it backs up our entire process. This person is also a strong leader, understands our guidelines, and will work with the writer if they need improvement. They should also examine articles to determine whether they answer the question, do not have fluff, and whether they meet our word count.